Friday, November 30, 2012

Tree Day...

Ok so this isn't exactly happens.

The next major happening in our house for Advent is Tree Day.  More commonly known as the first Sunday in Advent.

Tree Day starts with Mass.

In our house...everything major and most things minor start with Mass.  If you don't make God the center around which your family life is much more likely to spin out of control.

After Mass, we come home and change into outdoor gear.  Then everyone goes trooping out to the tree farm and walks up and down the rows of trees for several hours, trying to find the perfect tree.

The discussion can become quite passionate over the relative merits of each tree.

Eventually...we all get cold enough that we settle for one that's close to perfect.

(For the record we have YET to find the perfect tree...but we keep looking every year.)

Then comes the cutting down of the tree.

Everybody takes a turn with the saw.  Even the baby.  (With Dad helping of course).

Then we load it up into the small open trailer we have, take it up front to be shaken and wrapped, and drive home singing Jingle Bells.  Ralphie's version complete with raspberry at the end.

The drive takes about 5 minutes since the tree farm is just down the road.  Shop your block is a philosophy we really try and follow.

When we get home...everyone is very cold, so I immediately begin the making of the hot chocolate and hot food.

After I put on a Christmas CD of course.  Music is good, no matter what the occasion.

Meanwhile, Dad and the children set up the tree in the tree stand and untangle the lights and put those on the tree.  I'm allergic to pine, so I stay out of the way for that part.  Besides...I'm cooking.

Once the lights are on, it's break time.  We eat and have hot cocoa.This is usually a pretty big meal.

Then...let the decorating begin.

First, one of the littler children and whoever is the tallest person present, put the Angel on top of the tree.

Tall person picks up small person.  There is a lot of giggling during this activity.

We buy a new angel every year.  After their stint on the tree, each angel gets added to my collection on the piano.

Non-breakable ornaments on the bottom...more fragile ones on the very top, everything else around the middle somewhere.

The tree never looks the same, and that's a good thing.

Afterwards, we stand around and admire the tree for awhile...

Then we make popcorn and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol.

We only watch that movie on Tree Day.  The rest of the year JR hides it.

By this's bedtime, and since everyone is pretty tired, we say our evening prayers and go to bed.

Which is a good thing...because cookie baking starts the next day.

Thanks for reading.

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