Saturday, August 31, 2013

Commentary on a visit to Walmart...

Otherwise known in our house as "The Tenth Circle of Hell", because I am firmly convinced that if Dante had experienced Walmart, his vision of Hell would have had a tenth circle.

I don't like to shop there.  I avoid it as much as possible, but living in a small town, they are the only store that carries certain things.

So I went.

The shopping part itself wasn't horrible, I found what I needed and salespeople didn't bother me with the pseudo-friendly desperation to sell me something that I run into at department stores.

The other customers on the other hand...there are some things that you can't un-see.

The fact that I am unable to bleach my brain clean of what I witnessed prompts me to state the following...

Size 24W spandex should not exist.   (No REALLY it shouldn't)

Evidently parents no longer teach their daughters about pantyhose.  Ladies if you just HAVE to wear something that some control top pantyhose ( lines) and use them. (I could give this same advice to some people at church.)

It's just as evident that parents no longer teach their sons that walking around with your underwear showing isn't's just stupid looking.

Just because it's warm out does NOT mean that you have a God-given right to wear Daisy Dukes.  NO ONE has the right to wear Daisy Dukes (not even Catherine Bach herself).   You don't need to show that much leg.  Really you don't.  It may be "attractive" to some men, but ask yourself if it's a man who will respect you.  

Same goes for short skirts.  I'm not talking just above the knee...I'm talking mid-thigh or higher.  Who are you trying to attract?  And for what purpose?  Skirts that short used to only be worn by prostitutes plying their trade on street corners in seedy parts of town.  When (and more importantly WHY) did they become acceptable for non-prostitutes to wear?

Neither do you have the right to wear spaghetti straps.  (Especially if you are anything larger than a B cup ladies.  If you are big busted...give those girls some support!!!!) 

While we're talking about spaghetti straps...have you ladies never heard that it's trashy to walk around with your bra straps exposed?

Last but not least...big bosom-ed women should not wear V-neck shirts.  Just SHOULD NOT!!!! aren't big boned.  Take the pork rinds out of your cart and buy some vegetables.  And NO they can't be dipped in batter and fried.  And lay off the beer.  Go for a walk.  (Yes I know some people have medical conditions.  Trust me, that many people do not.  Some have a 'lack of self-control' condition.)

While you are waiting for the vegetables to take off those extra some clothing that covers all the bits and blobs of you currently hanging out the top, and the bottom or oozing out the sides.

Guys...Scratching yourself in public, using vulgar language and belching loudly and then laughing about it  is NOT in the least attractive.  You don't look like a stud when you do those things.  You look like an idiot.

Ladies...screaming at your children to shut up because they don't enjoy spending hours wandering around Walmart does NOT impress anyone with your parenting skills.  If you can't keep your temper in public, and become verbally abusive towards your does cause people to wonder how much more abusive you are in private.

Pajamas are not appropriate attire to wear in public.  If you can't get dressed for the day...don't go out.

Buy a full length mirror and put it next to the front door.  Take a good look at yourself before you leave the house...then maybe the rest of us won't have an urgent desire to bleach their brain.

I'm 45.  Which I'm pretty sure is not that old.

So...when did people stop caring what they looked like in public.  No really.  When did this happen?

It's almost as if society collectively decided to throw away the notion that it matters how we present ourselves in public.

Why is that? 

Thanks for reading...


  1. Just popped over from Linen on the Hedgerow, and couldn't help but leave a comment - this post is just spot on. The first time I saw a young man with his trousers hanging down and his underwear showing, it made me think of a toddler running around with his full nappy (diaper) hanging down! Lol
    God Bless.

  2. Mrs. D. That is exactly what my Beloved thinks as well...he used to wonder when it became cool to look like you need your diaper changed.